10 ways to hang a painting without nails

There are situations when you need to hang a picture on the wall without nails and drilling: for example, the apartment is rented, do not want to spoil the wall with holes, bother neighbors or just husband is not at home. That's when we come to the aid of very simple and effective ways that will help to hang a picture, panel, poster or photo on the wall without the use of a drill. Choose which one you like best!

How to hang a painting on a wall without drilling a wall:

1. Paper clip or clothing hook

On the wallpaper make a small horizontal incision on them, fill this place with superglue and place there a paper clip, bent in the form of a hook or a normal hook for clothes, and then cover the place of the incision wallpaper. The step-by-step instruction on "implantation" of paper clips in wallpaper can be read here

2. Button

This method is similar to the previous one. Here, too, the very base "hides under the wallpaper" and glued, and the protruding part acts as a carnation, on which you can hang a not very heavy picture.

3. Spider hook

In the construction store you can buy a special device called "spider hook": it has four pointy ends, which are well attached to the wall with a hammer and leave virtually no trace on it. Such a hook is securely held on any wall, it can hang a picture or frame weighing up to 2 kg.

4. Needle

Another way to place light paintings is to stick a sewing needle into the wall. For example, you can gently angle to drive into the wallpaper tailor's pin with a head. Another option: to break off the sewing needle ear with pliers and sharp end just hammer into the wall. Thus, the hole in the wall is small and invisible, unlike nails or screws. At the same time, the needle itself, steely and sturdy, securely holds the frame.

5. Bilateral Scotch

This method is suitable for walls with thin paper wallpaper or drywall partitions. Just stick the usual two-sided tape on the edges and attach to the wall. However, the disadvantage of this method is that scotch can leave traces on the wall; to prevent this from happening, the tape is recommended to keep at a 90-degree angle in relation to the wall when removing the picture.

6. Sticky Command

Special Velcro Command technology allows you to glue them on almost any surface and easily hang on them paintings weighing up to 2 kg. They are sold with a set of several stripes: one strip is glued to the frame, the other - on the wall. The more strips, the heavier the picture can be.

7. Liquid nails

Liquid nails are a special glue that securely connects the surfaces. Just apply on the opposite side of the frame liquid nails small dots (if the picture is heavy, you can miss the whole frame). Then hold the painting exactly to the surface of the wall and hold for a few seconds.

8. Polymer glue

Polymer glue is convenient because it does not leave behind oily marks. The principle is the same as with liquid nails: a heavy picture is pasted around the perimeter, and light - only at the edges. For a better grip on the surface frame you need to press well and even leave for a day, propped up with something.

9. Cork from wine

The wine cork is cut into circles about 1 cm thick and glued to the wall with a fast-dry glue. After drying the glue in this cork sticks cloves of a small size, on which the picture hangs.