How to hang a picture with a paper clip

It happens that it is very necessary, I really, really wanted to hang a picture on the wall or just some kind of decorative element at that moment, but there is no strong hand that would drive a nail in, or a bearing wall and it is impossible to drive anything into it without a super punch, or vice versa, the wall is soft and I don't want to make holes in it, because all these nails and dowels will fall out of them anyway. In such cases, you can use a life hack with a paper clip.

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All the required materials in 99% of cases are at home, and if not, then there is definitely a store 10 steps from home, and provided that you do everything carefully, believe me, you will not ruin the wallpaper and nothing will be seen. So, how to hang a painting on a wall without nails.

You will need:

1. Thinking up in what place on the wall we will hang the picture.

2. In an invented place with a pencil thinly-thinly, neatly-neatly mark the length of the paper clip.

3. With a sharp knife, make a neat cut. In this step, it is important that the wallpaper is cut neatly.

4. Approximately in the middle of the line, make another small cut across perpendicularly.

5. Gently push the edges apart.

6. Carefully crawl under the edges with a sharp knife and separate the wallpaper from the wall so that a void forms along the long line to the right and left between the wallpaper and the wall.

7. Trying on how a paper clip enters the resulting void. Before this step, you need to move the 2 sides of the paperclip slightly apart to make the paper clip look like a hook. You need to push it apart as if you are going to fasten it with a very thick pile of papers. Attention: under the wallpaper we enter most of the paper clip.

8. We tried it on, everything went perfectly. If the paper clip did not fit as shown in the figure, then separate the still necessary part of the wallpaper from the wall.

9. We take out a paper clip. And we drip glue into the void between the wallpaper and the wall. You need to drip a lot, so that after drying, a kind of good strong base is formed there. But at the same time it is necessary not to overdo it with glue, so that it does not crawl out onto the surface of the wallpaper when gluing. The glue should be kind of smeared there inside under the wallpaper. I usually take liquid glue, start to drip it at the top point and it slowly flows down by itself, filling the required space.

10. Insert the paper clip into the glue. Cover with wallpaper on top.

11. According to the instructions on the glue, wait for the required time. Strongly press the whole thing with a stick / fingers. Yuhuu, the hook is ready!

Such a paper clip hook is seemingly unreliable. But in fact, it holds very tightly and even large paintings can hang on it.