Children's room decor

What are they, children, doing there in their space? They sleep, play, learn, hide, learn, develop, grow up... We, the parents, are there for protection, support, direction. Creating the interior of a children's room should be mindful of freedom, space, safety and harmony.

Principles of "correct" arrangement of children:

Decorate the walls quickly and simply with the help of posters.

Designing a children's room is not an easy task. It is necessary to maintain a balance between playfulness, mischief inherent in carefree childhood, and style. The children's room should not look like the contents of a kaleidoscope, when the eyes run away from the abundance of colors and shapes.

The best place to decorate.

The children's room is filled with furniture, decor, toys and many more things. But the walls above the bed are usually empty. Not everyone likes it if something voluminous hangs directly over their head. Posters are the perfect decor for such situations. Small and flat, in light frames - they will transform the necessary area. In addition, posters have a number of advantages:

Children's posters, although chosen by mothers, but they are focused primarily on children. So depending on the goal, you can choose different illustrations.

The heroes of the posters are often fairy-tale characters or cute animals. The kid can study them, learn new things, listen every night to a new fairy tale about a familiar hero.

Posters with letters and numbers will help in mastering the alphabet and account.

Posters with good phrases will be a godsend for older children. They will give a smile and charge with positivity.