Maps in the interior of the apartment

At all times, maps depicting continents, cities and other objects are of great interest to people. Almost every one of us experiences positive emotions from a simple contemplation of geographical maps that complement the decor for a house or apartment. We think this is because we are all attracted by distant lands and exciting travels.

Maps are great for decorating walls - they fit perfectly into the overall design picture and will look great both with a soft sofa and with ultra-modern high-tech furniture. In this case, you can perform not only the decor of the apartment, but also apply the cards for their intended purpose, marking on them the places in which its owners managed to visit.

Any maps can be used in the interior: precise geographic or political, fantasy, old or super-modern - depending on what result you want to get. The main rule: there should not be many other decorative elements, and they should not distract attention to themselves. Let the world map in the interior become the main component, and the surroundings become a calm background for it. As a rule, the card is placed on one of the walls, covering the rest of the walls with neutral light shades, for example, beige, olive, white.

If the room is small, then the map on the wall should not be multi-colored. It is best if the continents / land are indicated in one tone, the water surface in another, and these tones are not too bright. This solution will help to visually enlarge the room. Usually, this option looks good in a room for any purpose - both in the bedroom and in the nursery or living room.

Maps in the interior can be any, for example - a map of your city or city where you like to relax, a map of the metro or your area will not only decorate the interior, but can also serve for its intended purpose - quickly find a particular settlement or build required route.