Posters in the interior: tips for wall decor

Looking to freshen up your interior with posters? A good idea! Wall decor with posters is not a new method. As a rule, it is used to refresh the interior, change (or supplement) the style component of the decor, or even visually expand the space. A few tips:

Do not hang posters in a row along the ruler, do it chaotically.

A composition of posters hung strictly one under the other looks boring and irrelevant. Draw approximate hanging schemes on paper, experiment. To make the composition look holistic, use multiple posters of different sizes. Don't be afraid of asymmetry, but don't forget about balance.

Choose posters with a suitable storyline

Food posters will fit perfectly into the kitchen interior, and an old theater poster will come in handy in the living room, where the home theater is located. This principle may seem banal, but small experiments with the sizes of paintings make you forget about it: large posters always look interesting and non-standard.

Canvases with inspirational lettering look stylish, can adjust our habits, but get bored very quickly. To avoid this, it is enough just to periodically change or outweigh them. But posters in the pin-up style have already become classics, which will look appropriate in almost any interior.

Combine subjects of different styles: oil paintings and real photographs.

Do not limit yourself to one style: eclectic spaces are in fashion, in the design of which several styles are mixed at once. Posters can be very different in subject matter and colors. For example, you can use images with fun prints to make neoclassical interiors more relevant. In a minimalistic interior, posters resembling classic paintings will accentuate, and prints will rejuvenate a strict solid interior.

Decorate posters with frames

They make the poster composition more neat and stylish. The frames can be the same or different, but in the second case it is necessary to select them so that they are combined with each other. Minimalistic frames from one material, but different colors, look good. Choose different frames. Combine gold museum frames with a laconic black baguette. To decorate the walls in an eclectic interior, you can combine laconic modern frames and spectacular baguettes.

Leave yourself room to maneuver

In today's world, technology and fashion are changing very quickly. Get ready to renovate your gallery without damaging the walls. With the help of posters, you can quickly and inexpensively refresh the interior, so there is no point in creating compositions "for ages". Use fasteners that will securely hold the canvases, but are easy to dismantle and do not leave marks on the walls. Special adhesive masses cope with this task perfectly. But of course, if in a particular place on the wall in any case you need a decor or you picked up a poster with an "eternal" plot, then this recommendation can be neglected;)

Posters, like any other decorative element, are designed to add individual features to the interior, reflect the character, habits and preferences of the owner. Do not neglect this wonderful tool when decorating a space.