Interior design map of Astana on the wall

  • Map of Astana
  • Map of Astana
  • Map of Astana

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    Design map on the wall of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the "Nature" style

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    You can also purchase a geographic map with inscriptions from us, which provides a detailed visual representation of locations and landmarks Astana

    Astana is the capital and one of the largest cities of Kazakhstan.

    Capital Relocation: In 1997, Astana replaced Almaty as the capital of Kazakhstan. This decision was made for several reasons, including Astana's more central geographic location and the strategic development of the city in economic and political terms.

    Architecture: Astana is renowned for its modern and futuristic architecture, designed by international architects such as Norman Foster and Kisho Kurokawa. One of the city's most famous landmarks is the Bayterek Tower, a monument and observation deck that symbolizes the myth of the ancient tree of life and the magical bird Samruk.

    Young Capital: Despite its history, which dates back to the 1830s, Astana is considered one of the youngest capitals in the world. This means that the city has a fresh atmosphere and dynamic development. Over the past few decades, Astana has grown and developed significantly, transforming into a major regional center with advanced infrastructure and numerous opportunities for business, tourism, and cultural exchange.