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  • Map of Kazan
  • Map of Kazan
  • Map of Kazan

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    Interior map of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan in black and white

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    Kazan is one of the oldest and culturally rich cities in Russia, located at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers

    Bilingual and Multinational City: Kazan serves as the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and is home to over 100 nationalities. Russian and Tatar are the official languages of Tatarstan, and both are widely used in everyday life, education, and business interactions.

    Kazan Kremlin: In 2000, the Kazan Kremlin was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Kremlin is an ancient fortress that encompasses architectural monuments from various eras. One of the most famous buildings within the Kremlin is the Kul Sharif Mosque, which opened in 2005 and became one of the largest mosques in Russia.

    2013 Summer Universiade: Kazan hosted the 2013 Summer Universiade, one of the most significant sporting events in the city's history. The event led to the construction of new sports facilities and infrastructure, promoting tourism and cultural development in the region.