Map of Los Angeles

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  • Map of Los Angeles
  • Map of Los Angeles
  • Map of Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles, with its suburb of about 19 million people, is the only metropolis in the world where cougars (mountain lions) live side by side with people.

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    The City of Angels is known as the birthplace of show business, but this was not always the case. The entertainment industry's original location was in Atlantic City. So why did it all move to L.A.? To get away from Thomas Edison. Edison owned most of the country's patents and established a monopoly on all aspects of filmmaking. In Los Angeles, filmmakers have found freedom from its claims, cheap land and large amounts of manpower.

    The famous "Hollywood" sign from 1923 to 1949 was longer, as it counted more letters, or rather the word "Hollywoodland". Initially, it was an illuminated advertisement for the development of real estate.