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Designer, interior map of Marseille. France

  • Marseille Map
  • Marseille Map
  • Marseille Map

    1300 RUB

    According to legend, Marseille was founded thanks to love. The Ligurian princess Zhiptis fell in love with the Greek navigator Protis. The girl's father approved this marriage and gave the newlyweds a part of the Mediterranean coast, where Marseille appeared.

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    Marseille is the oldest city in France, its history began about 2500 years ago.

    A few kilometers from Marseille, on a rocky island, there is the Chateau d'If, in which Alexandre Dumas concluded the character of his novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The castle was a place of detention for political prisoners and a stronghold of torture for more than two centuries, until it was turned into a museum.