Design, interior map of Moscow in black and white style

  • Map of Moscow in black and white
  • Map of Moscow in black and white
  • Map of Moscow in black and white
  • Map of Moscow in black and white

    1750 1890 RUB

    Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia, located in the western part of the country on the Moskva River. It lies approximately at 55.7558° N latitude and 37.6173° E longitude. Moscow serves as the political, cultural, and economic center of Russia, and it is situated in the European part of the country, on the East European Plain. The city covers an area of about 2,511 square kilometers (970 square miles) and is surrounded by the Moscow Oblast region.

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    The Moscow Metro Dogs: Moscow is home to a unique population of stray dogs that have learned to navigate the city's metro system. These intelligent canines have adapted to the urban environment, using the trains to travel between various locations in search of food and shelter. Researchers believe that the dogs use their senses of smell, sound, and even the ability to recognize the train conductor's voice to determine which stations to disembark.

    The Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), also known as "Moscow City": This modern commercial district, located in the Presnensky District of Moscow, showcases the city's contemporary side, contrasting with its historic architecture. Moscow City features a collection of striking skyscrapers, including the Federation Tower, the tallest building in Europe at 373 meters (1,226 feet). The area is home to numerous offices, residential buildings, hotels, and entertainment facilities, representing Moscow's role as a global business hub.