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  • Map of Nur-Sultan
  • Map of Nur-Sultan
  • Map of Nur-Sultan

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    Nur-Sultan, formerly known as Astana, is the capital city of Kazakhstan.

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    Renaming and capital status: In 1997, Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan, replacing Almaty. In June 2019, the city was renamed Nur-Sultan in honor of the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

    Climate: Nur-Sultan is located in Kazakhstan's steppe zone and has a harsh continental climate with very cold winters and warm summers. Temperatures can range from -40°C (-40°F) in winter to 35°C (95°F) in summer.

    Multinational city: Nur-Sultan is a multinational city, home to representatives of over 100 nationalities. Various cultural and national holidays are celebrated in the city, reflecting the wealth of cultural traditions and mutual respect among the population.